Advanced Procedures


We try everything we can to save teeth, but sometimes there are no other options than to extract them. We do extractions of most teeth in the office. Most patients don't feel any pain during the extraction and are able to go back to their normal lives immediately. Let us help you get out of pain.


Root Canals

Tooth pain caused by large cavities resulting in tooth infection as well as other situations where the nerve of the tooth is irreversibly damaged can be resolved with root canals when there is sufficient remaining tooth structure to restore the tooth. Contrary to popular believe, root canals are mostly painless! We perform root canals on most teeth in the office.

Cosmetic Procedures

Not happy with your smile?  We perform several cosmetic treatments including: whitening, bonding, repair of broken/chipped teeth, veneers, crowns and full mouth reconstruction to help you get the smile you've always wanted.  Come see us to discuss your needs and let us put a plan together for you!


Other Procedures

Don't see what you're looking for?  We perform many other dental procedures. Give us a call to discuss your needs!